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Legal advice for entrepreneurs.

Serving clients throughout the Tri-Cities, Richland-Kennewick-Pasco, Washington metropolitan area, Clear Focus Law is a new breed of law firm catering specifically to the unique needs of the entrepreneur, small business and startup community in the digital age.

Whether you are launching your first business, want to make sure your existing business is on track legally or need help resolving a business dispute or making sure a major transaction goes right, Clear Focus Law is your legal success partner!

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Re-inventing Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

Do words like innovation and entrepreneurship get your adrenaline pumping? Do you think the phrases “status quo” and “prison bars” rhyme? Do you come alive outside of your comfort zone? So do I!

Problem is, for many lawyers, innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas are concepts to be avoided.  Sometimes I think the legal profession as a whole shuns innovation...

I founded Clear Focus Law to change all that and to re-invent legal services for entrepreneurs.  I believe that any successful entrepreneurial venture needs to be, at its core, SIMPLE, DIFFERENT & USEFUL so I based Clear Focus Law on those principles.  

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I'm here to simplify your life, not make it more complicated.

Law can be complicated. Sometimes too much so.  I am committed to making the process of laying strong legal foundations for your business as simple as possible. This means helping you successfully navigate legal issues that affect your business and proactively use legal strategies to be as successful as you can!


The way I practice law is different.  In a good way.  

Take what you've come to expect of traditional lawyers and law firms and toss it out the window.  Expect something different and more importantly, tailored to your needs as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Need me to meet you in your office? No problem. Tired of the paper chase? No problem - I operate a virtual practice and whenever I need a signature from you we can do it digitally.    Need advice about your digital presence (website, social media etc)? Great, I'm happy to help. I'm active on the web and social media and am familiar with many cutting edge issues there so I can give you meaningful and relevant advice.  Need different?  You got it!


I'll give you useful legal advice you can actually use.

Legal advice seems to come in two flavors.  On the one hand there is the free or very low cost advice you can get from the internet.  Like many things you can get there though, you really get what you pay for (or even less).  On the other hand you can go to a traditional law firm and pay someone who doesn’t really understand your business lots of money to give you very conservative, risk-averse advice that can be ill-suited for your entrepreneurial venture where creativity and risk-taking is everything.  I’m pretty sure neither flavor is very useful to you.  

I’m committed to providing an alternative.  I understand and subscribe to the entrepreneurial mindset and love learning about your venture.  I’m committed to giving you advice and guidance that is specifically tailored to your business, easily understood, and readily actionable - in other words, useful advice.






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