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Serving clients throughout the Tri-Cities, Richland-Kennewick-Pasco, Washington metropolitan area, Clear Focus Law is a new breed of law firm catering specifically to the unique needs of the entrepreneur, small business and startup community in the digital age.

Whether you are launching your first business, want to make sure your existing business is on track legally or need help resolving a business dispute or making sure a major transaction goes right, Clear Focus Law is your legal success partner!

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Initial Consultations

If you are a new client, the first step in the process of serving you (after determining that I am able to represent you) is to schedule an Initial Consultation.  More casual than what you might expect of an “attorney meeting,” most of my clients prefer meeting at a coffee shop.  The purpose of the Initial Consultation is for us to get to know one another, for me to understand your situation, and for me to explain to you how I might be able to help.

What to expect at an Initial Consultation

Cup of Coffee.JPG
  • A cup of your favorite drink from a local coffee shop (on me of course)
  • The opportunity to learn about me and how I do business
  • The opportunity for us to discuss your business, plans and legal situation
  • Discussion about what legal tools or strategies might be useful for you

I do charge a flat fee of $100 for Initial Consultations (usually running about 30 minutes – although there are never any stopwatches involved) and our interaction before, during, and after Initial Consultations are always bound by my Client Services Agreement.

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