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Serving clients throughout the Tri-Cities, Richland-Kennewick-Pasco, Washington metropolitan area, Clear Focus Law is a new breed of law firm catering specifically to the unique needs of the entrepreneur, small business and startup community in the digital age.

Whether you are launching your first business, want to make sure your existing business is on track legally or need help resolving a business dispute or making sure a major transaction goes right, Clear Focus Law is your legal success partner!

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Pricing is probably the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs as they try to access legal services.

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know pricing is one of the biggest obstacles in the traditional legal services model.  With sky-high hourly billing rates (that keep going up), not only is legal bill sticker shock (something no small business can afford) increasingly common, but hourly billing actually encourages attorneys to be less efficient!

Well, your unique business deserves unique pricing.

With Clear Focus Law, I promise that my pricing will always be clear and understandableflat rate (whenever possible), built on low overhead, and value based. 

What this means for you:

Clear and understandable.  Whenever I take on a project, I will always go through the pricing structure in detail so you always know exactly how much and what you are paying for.  Once everything has been explained, the how much and what will be detailed in an agreement so that there is never any confusion.

Flat Rates (whenever possible).  I understand the dynamics of business and operating efficiencies and totally understand why the traditional method of billing by the hour simply makes no sense for small businesses .  After all, your attorney should not be rewarded for being inefficient and taking longer to finish your project.  That is why I work exclusively on a flat rate basis whenever possible.  For some projects, where my advice is sought on an as needed basis or for less structured or more open-ended projects, I have no choice but to use an hourly rate, but this is rare.

Low Overhead .  Extremely low, in fact.  Like you, I operate a lean business.  You will never help me pay for an expensive office with a view,  extravagant mahogany furniture, or legal assistants.  Instead, I leverage a home office (and mobile offices in local coffee shops), cheap furniture and the power of cloud-based document and practice management to bring you the lowest possible overhead you could ever find in a law practice.  Oh, and my fees reflect this.

Value based.  In setting prices for my various services, I always strive to make sure that the price reflects its value to you, my client, reflecting my own ideas about the value of my time.  I always encourage feedback on my pricing from clients and will always consider adjusting my rates to best reflect the value I am providing my clients.  In fact, if you don’t believe you have received the value you are being charged, just tell me and I will adjust your invoice accordingly or provide additional service value to make up the difference.


The contents of this website are intended for general reference and educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  No attorney-client privilege is established between you and Clear Focus Law or attorney Eric Hsu absent a fully executed legal services agreement.